Praise from our Patients…

Pink-Heart - Sling SlayerFebruary 24, 2008… this is the day my life as a wife and mother was changed. It is the day I had a Prolift mesh kit and TVT-O sling placed. I had thought this was going to fix my prolapse and incontinence. Little did I know that it was the start of a long painful life-changing process. Almost immediately, I started having pain- sometimes when I was just sitting. Being intimate with my husband was completely out of the question. Partly from pain but also because of an embarrassing vaginal discharge. I went back to my doctor who placed it, but each time he said the mesh was okay. However, after two years of vaginal cultures and various creams, I went to see another doctor who was a “specialist.” She recommended I try physical therapy and injections of numbing medication, but I just did not feel that was going to work. During all this time, I felt I was missing out on being a wife and mom that I wanted to be. A couple years later, a friend told me about Dr. Veronikis, even though St. Louis was twelve hours away, I was ready to go the next day. The office staff was so helpful in coordinating my visit and surgery together. Three days after meeting with him, I was having surgery, and all of the Prolift and the bladder sling was removed. Literally the next morning my pain was gone. Dr. Vernikis had counseled me that I would likely need a second surgery to repair my prolapse (which had never been fixed with the mesh) once the exposed mesh was removed. Six months later, I had that surgery, and for the first time since 2008, I am the woman I always wanted to be. I still can’t believe I lost 4 years of my life to that mesh kit, and I’m angry about that. But most importantly, I feel such gratitude to Dr. Veronikis. In fact, my whole family agrees that he is an amazing kind physician and a true advocate for his patients. If anyone has had a complication with mesh, do whatever it takes to come see him. The travel costs are worth it. Because in the end, you get the gift of your life back.

Pink-Heart - Sling SlayerAfter several surgeries, I’m thankful I traveled to St. Louis to find the answers and surgeon who could perform my surgery. After being told by several doctors that I could not be fixed, I was certain I was out of options until I met Dr. Veronikis. I immediately was hopeful after hearing from other women and former patients online, but wait until you meet him in person! I knew I was a complicated case after my prior surgeries including a hysterectomy and mesh sling followed by a partial removal and a second mesh removal. I continued to have pain and discharge which is what eventually led me to him. He truly is an expert in surgically removing mesh, but he also genuinely cares about his patients and has a comforting bedside manner. All in all, he was able to remove my mesh, fix my prolapse, and my incontinence is gone. All thanks to Dr. Veronikis!

 Pink-Heart - Sling SlayerDon’t wait another minute!! I wish I would have had my prolapse fixed ten years ago by Dr. Veronikis!! I’m very active and travel frequently with a group of friends, and I enjoy each trip so much more now without a large bulge. Now some of them are seeing Dr. Veronikis – best decision I ever made!

Pink-Heart - Sling Slayer As a nurse in an OBGYN doctor’s office, I often am asked by my friends who I would recommend for a physician. Certainly my own doctor is a great general OBGYN, but when it came to my mother who needed surgery for her uterus that had completely prolapsed, I insisted that she see Dr. Wood. I had heard from prior patients who really felt connected to her and had great experiences and outcomes. When I finally met her for the first time with my mom, I felt so confident in her expertise and surgical skill. She took a lot of time explaining to my mom what prolapse meant and how she was going to fix it. On top of that, the entire office staff is incredibly accommodating and welcoming. Following my mom’s great surgical experience, I am certain that if I ever need a gyn surgery, Dr. Wood will be the surgeon performing it. In fact, I have even sent two of my friends and their moms to go see her too! 

Pink-Heart - Sling SlayerI was referred to Dr. Veronikis because of my heavy periods and fibroids. As a self-employed successful home business owner and mother of two children, I did not want to be “out of commission” for too long. My primary OB said that I had a “soccer ball of fibroids” and sent me to see him because he is a specialist in vaginal hysterectomy which leaves no scars or incisions. Once I saw him, he also asked about urine leakage which I had as well, and he was able to fix that too! He also told me about the system they have to be able to take out large fibroids like mine without making ANY incisions on the belly. It was just what I wanted – the most non-invasive approach. I had my surgery on Saturday and went home the next day needing only an occasional pain pill. I was back to “work” by Wednesday! By the second week, I felt like I had before surgery….except I didn’t have the soccer ball anymore or the heavy bleeding! 5 stars are not enough for him!