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Dr. Sara Wood and Dr. Dionysios Veronikis

Dr. Sara Wood and Dr. Dionysios Veronikis

Our mission is to provide the highest quality surgical care for women experiencing gynecological conditions that are limiting their life style, ability to work, or manage activities as mother and wife.

Whether you have completed childbearing and now need a hysterectomy or vaginal repairs, or are experiencing complications from transvaginal mesh, we have the advanced surgical abilities to help you.   We educate you on your condition, and empower you to choose the best possible care.  It is important to know that technical skill alone is not enough. The best vaginal surgeons understand that an outstanding result involves a mastery knowledge of the physical art of the body.

When selecting us as your care providers, we make it top priority to provide you with the best surgical experience from the first office visit through surgery and hospitalization to your post-operative check. Every step of the way, we are devoted to providing you the best possible care.  Our reputation speaks for itself!  Our passion for the perfection of surgery brings women from around the world who travel to St. Louis for their surgery to restore their quality of life.

Pink-Heart - Sling SlayerWomen don’t realize how important it is to choose the right surgeon until they pick the wrong one. I am one of those women. I had a robotic hysterectomy and bladder sling by my OBGYN almost two years ago. For the first six months after surgery, I could barely tolerate intercourse. For the next six months, we did not even try. I cannot even begin to explain what effect this had on my relationship with my husband, even though he was incredibly understanding.  I found Dr. Veronikis online, and I set up a consultation as soon as I could. He found that the surgery had shortened my vagina, and on exam, he confirmed my pain at my sling sites during the first office visit. He explained how he could repair everything. Initially I was leery of more surgery, but after meeting him and his partner Dr. Wood, I knew I had to have this done.  I had no doubt that they were the team to do it. Ten weeks later – all I can say is my husband and I both thank you!! My best advice to other women is this – find an expert to do your surgery the first time. Better yet, see the best with Dr. Veronikis and Dr. Wood!

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